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Burt Young, Rocky Actor Who Played Complex Tough Guys, Dies at 83 The New York Times

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They shot with automatic weapons. And you could see murder in their eyes. I saw in their eyes, they are going to kill my family. I need to shoot now, or else, it’s going to be my family. And then, I saw them exiting an apartment of one of my friends.

Four Men, by William T. Vollmann – Harper’s Magazine

Four Men, by William T. Vollmann.

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It was edited by MJ Davis Lin with help from Paige Cowett and Michael Benoist, contains original music by Dan Powell, Marion Lozano, and Elisheba Ittoop, and was engineered by Alyssa Moxley. Here’s what else you should know today. The House of Representatives was once again left without any prospect for a leader when Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana withdrew his name for consideration for the speakership late on Thursday. Scalise was nominated for the role on Wednesday, but he failed to muster enough votes to be elected, because hardline Republicans balked at supporting him. The death toll from the weekend’s attack in Israel stands at 1,200 people. Among them were at least 25 Americans.

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My mother is already dead. My older brother is lying dead. The whole village was giving each other instruction. We were all under attack, not only our neighborhood. There were some neighborhoods closer to the eastern side — the side of Gaza that were heavily attacked — much heavier attacks than we got.

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We have, like, 1,000 people in the kibbutz. And we know each one of them by name, because we lived with them since I was born. And we know the names of the kids. In the weeks since Israel suffered the deadliest day in its history, fresh accounts have emerged in village after village of just how extreme and how widespread the violence actually was. Today, the story of one man at the epicenter of that violence. We love hearing from you!

I know she’s a good friend of my girls, and she’s been to our house several times, and I used to work with her father. And they were exiting my neighbor apartment. And oh, it was horrible. I didn’t know what to do — if he’s alive, if he’s dead, his kid — I didn’t know.

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The Israeli military has said it is seeking to prevent civilian deaths as far as possible. Hamas terrorists and their allies massacred civilians in their homes; shot and killed hundreds of others in the street and at a dance music festival; and kidnapped at least 150 other people. The assault is expected to be Israel’s biggest ground operation since it invaded Lebanon in 2006. It would also be the first in which Israel has attempted to capture land and at least briefly hold onto it since its invasion of Gaza in 2008, according to the three senior officers. And I know my son will never be the same again.

His friends are dead or gone in Gaza, and — and now, we need to start to rebuild our life from scratch. We don’t think there could be any kind of reason to talk with these animals that destroyed my kibbutz, kidnapped my family. We get drips by drips of names. And today, all the grownups in the community got inside the conference room of the hotel, and they were sitting there, some members of the community, with the list.

I just saw them exiting the apartment. So the first thing that felt right to do, for me, is to take the gun out and lock my family in the shelter, and then took the front position in the kitchen where I can have a better view of the neighborhood. And if someone come, I can respond and engage before they come to my house. And the kids are going freely. They don’t have any traffic inside the kibbutz. Just go send the kids to the grandparents on the other side of the kibbutz, and they can go and you don’t worry, because nothing bad can happen.

  • I am very proud of my companies and the houses I build or rehabilitate.
  • Hamas terrorists and their allies massacred civilians in their homes; shot and killed hundreds of others in the street and at a dance music festival; and kidnapped at least 150 other people.
  • They don’t have any traffic inside the kibbutz.
  • Give us a call or email anytime.
  • We are at — all the community were evacuated to a hotel in the Dead Sea, all the refugees.

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